Put Your Business on Google

Put Your Business on Google

One of the essential ways of bringing in new revenue streams to your business is making sure you’re easily found on Google. There are endless ways of doing this, but the starting point should always be setting up your Google My Business listing. It’s a quick and simple task which should take no more than 10 minutes, and is completely free of charge. Once you’ve added your business on Google, it will appear on both the search engine results and the mapping function, and will instantly make your business more attractive and reputable to potential customers.

Getting Started With Google

If you type “google my business” into Google’s search engine box, or on the address bar on the Chrome browser, the first result which pops up should take you straight to the Google My Business start page. The site has been developed to be used by people with no technical knowledge whatsoever. Just click the “get started” button and follow the prompts on the page to input your basic company details such as website address, opening hours, address and phone number. There may also be an additional verification stage where Google send you a text message to confirm the number you’ve given them, or a postcard to confirm your address.

Further Options

Once you’ve set up your basic listing on Google, your website should start to appear on search results and also on Google Maps. You can then return to the My Business dashboard at any time to add more information to your basic listing. You can update your business hours if they change, look at reviews which customers have left for you, or set up a new email address using your company’s website domain name. Some of these additional services are charged for, but you are under no obligation to take them if you just want to stick to the basic listing.

Google is Just The Start

Small business owners are endlessly busy people, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the tasks required to keep their business effectively. It’s understandable that many people in this situation set up their Google business profile and consider the job done. But Google is just one of thousands of other business directories on the market and if you’re not listed in at least a few more, you could be losing out to competitors who have chosen to be listed. If you have no idea where to start with business directories look to see where you can find your competitors, and submit your own free listing to those sites too.

If this all sounds a bit daunting – don’t panic. 118businessdirectory.co.uk is here to help you with the basics of getting listed in a range of directories suitable for your needs through to the more complex SEO and digital marketing which small businesses might prefer to outsource than run themselves. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat through the range of options which we offer, all designed to bring even more customers to your website.