Free Online Directory Listings

Free Online Directory Listings

Search engines are so much part of everyday life that the name of the biggest search engine has become the default verb for looking something up online. Millions of potential customers every day are googling for companies just like yours, providing services or products which you would be more than happy to supply. How do you get into this massive pool of potential sales leads? One of the tried and tested digital marketing tools involves using business directories like, which help customers quickly and easily find what they’re looking for online.

How Do I Get Started with Online Directories?

Although search engines do have automatic software which crawls the internet looking for new website and trying to understand what websites are about, the same can’t be said for online directories. If you want your business to be listed in a specific directory, you will have to proactively go to their website and ask for a listing. This isn’t complicated though, and usually involves filling in a quick online form with basic details about your business, its products, and giving your contact details. You’ll also be asked to choose the sector which best describes your business and write a short description of your products.

Choosing Which Free Online Directories to Use

There are thousands of different business directories online, so how do you work out which ones are worth being listed in? It’s impossible to be listed in all of them, and listing yourself in directories which are irrelevant to your geographic area or business niche could count against you. It’s worth investing a bit of time of effort into looking at what’s available and choosing carefully. A good way to start is with a basic Google business listing, then looking to see what your competitors are doing. We’re not advising just copying everything they’re doing, but if you find that all your competitors are listed in a particular directory, then you should be too. Keep reviewing your choice of directories to ensure your strategy is still current, as new directories come online all the time.

Maximising Your Directory Strategy

If you get your marketing strategy right when it comes to listings in free online directories, then you should start seeing the benefits right away. Website analytics software will tell you how visitors are arriving at your website, and this lets you see which directories are proving most effective. As time goes on, you might decide to put more effort into the most successful directories, bur this doesn’t mean taking your eye off all the other directories in the marketplace.

We know all of this is complex, and that marketing and online strategy is just one of a million tasks which a small business owner has to be on top off. The good news though is that you don’t have to be the expert – that’s our job. At we can help you with your listings in free online directories, and help with all other aspects of your business’s online marketing strategy too.