Local Business Directories

Local Business Directories

Gone are the days when you’d flick through the pages of a large book when you needed a plumber or the number of the local pizza restaurant. 83% of the UK population now have a smartphone, and that number is increasing all of the time. The internet has transformed the way we all get the details of businesses, whether that’s a large multinational, or a small sole trader organisation. If you are the owner or manager of a small business then if you’re not listed in local business directories then you could be missing out on many potential customers.

How Local Business Directories Work

There are two main ways in which business directories allow users to search for companies. Some will allow searches for a specific type of business across the UK. If, for example, you are a crafter who trades online, you are as happy selling to a customer in Aberdeen as to one in Cornwall. However, many other companies operate within a specific geographic area only. A mechanic or hairdresser won’t be travelling the length of the country to fix a car or cut hair. For those types of businesses, the most important factor for their digital marketing is to be listed in a local business directory. These let users search, for example, for all plumbers or mechanics within a certain distance of their home postcode.

Key to Local Business Directory Listings

Getting your location correct is perhaps the most important thing to look at when listing your company in local business directories. Using your correct postcode makes it easy for customers to find you on a mapping tool, and filter search results to only show companies close to their home or business. It sounds obvious, but double check that you are using the correct postcode and haven’t mistyped, or used a home address rather than a business address. The other thing to pay attention to is how you describe your business in the directory. Most will limit the number of characters you have for description so take your time and make sure you give as much information about your products and services as space allows.

Choosing a Listings Site

There are so many local business directories online that the choice can be baffling. If you’ve been operating in your home town or county for a while, you’re probably already aware of the commonly used directories in the area and those are a good starting point. You could also look at the directories where you find your competitors listed, as this should give you a starting point for your own strategy. The aim isn’t to be listed in absolutely every local business directory going, but to concentrate on the quality, reputable links like 118businessdirectory.co.uk which will bring the maximum number of customers into your business. Review your strategy on an ongoing basis so you can make sure it’s still the most appropriate marketing plan. When you list with a site like 118businessdirectory.co.uk, we cane help you with all the digital marketing extras such as SEO or content writing too.