Free Online Business Listing Sites

Free Online Business Listing Sites

Digital marketing is something which all businesses should be thinking about, but which many companies are reluctant to explore because they assume that it will involve spending lots of money. Of course it’s possible to throw lots of your marketing budget at pay per click adverts or social media adverts, but wouldn’t it be better to maximise your other options first? Being listed in a business directory is one of the simplest things you can do as a business owner, and the right listings can drive sales leads into your organisation without spending very much at all.

What Is An Online Business Listing Site?

An online business listing site is the 21st century replacement for the old paper directories which used to arrive through the letterbox every year. Some sites will cater for a specific market, so perhaps listing all the companies offering house removals in the UK. Others will have a geographic focus, looking at all businesses in a town or county, sorted into categories. Some of the larger sites like will do both. A good business directory helps customers find you quickly, and navigate straight to your own website.

Getting Listed

Online business directories only know your business exists if you tell them. That’s usually a very straightforward process though and just involves filling in a quick online form with basic details such as your website address and opening hours. Most directories also give a limited space for you to describe what your business does, and it’s worth putting a bit of thought into this stage. Mention your key services, and use the sorts of words people might be using when searching online. Most good sites such as will offer extra services too which can help you maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget. We can talk you through the various options of pay per click advertising, social media adverts or SEO, and build on your free listing for an even greater return.

How Do I Know if Online Sites Are Working?

Most small businesses which already have a website will be using Google Analytics to monitor where their customers are coming from – and if they aren’t, they should be. This software can tell you how people arrive at your website, and will show how much traffic you’re getting from the various directories you have a listing in.           This is an ongoing process and over time you might have to refocus your efforts depending on where your traffic is coming from. Again, we’re here to help with this if you haven’t the time yourself.

Being listed in a reputable online business listings site can help your site’s visibility in another key way too. Google gives a higher ranking to sites which are listed on reputable listings sites, so your advert can in itself help to push your site links further up the results page on Google and on other search engines too.