Business Listing Directory

Business Listing Directory

We’re all familiar with the old concept of the Yellow Pages, where all the local businesses would be listed in a large book which popped through the letterbox every year. Times have changed however, and you’re now more likely to look for businesses online than in a large book. If your business in not listed in 118businessdirectory could you be missing out?

Listing your business in a reputable online directory can work wonders for your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy too. If you choose to list your company in a reputable website like 118businessdirectory, that that in itself will help raise the profile of your company and drive more customers to your website. In addition, Google’s ranking algorithm looks at which other sites mention yours – so getting yourself a listing in a reputable business directory will help boost your site further up the results when someone searches for a business like yours online.

Registering in a business directory isn’t automatic; business owners will have to proactively tell the directories that their businesses exist, and make sure that they have the information required for the listing. If you’re not listed in the right business directories, could you be losing valuable sales leads which are going to your competitors instead?

Business directories are structures in different ways, and all aim to make it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking at. Most directories either cover a specific geographic area, or a single business area. Which type of directory you choose to be listed in depends on what services or products you offer. For example, a jewellery maker who sends products across the world will look at listing in a UK-wide, or even worldwide, directory of similar businesses. On the other hand, a dog groomer or cake maker will be more likely to choose a listing in a directory covering just their town or county. Customers searching the business directory might choose to see all the businesses offering a certain niche service countrywide, or do a more general search for businesses located within a specific postcode district.

Information held in a business directory varies too. In most listings, you’ll find a minimum of contact name, address and phone number for the business along with the website address and perhaps opening hours. Other, more detailed directories, will give additional information such as pictures of products, email addresses, links to social media sites or a link to Google Maps. Remember also that after you’ve got your initial listing in a business directory to go back and amend your listing if your phone number or web address.

Here at 118businessdirectory we’re the experts in helping you market your business effectively through our business directory. Whether you’re a seasoned user of business listings websites, or new to the world of running your own business, we’re here to help raise the online profile of your company, drive more customers to your website, and ultimately increase your profits.