Business Directory Submission List

Business Directory Submission List

Getting your business listed in a good range of business directories is the most effective method of off-page search engine optimisation around. You don’t need to be an expert in SEO to see the benefits of being featured in a business directory as it adds to the ways in which customers can find you. In addition, listings in reputable directories can help in other ways too, as Google’s software likes sites which are linked in this way. This in itself will boost your site up the rankings and should in turn, help you get even more visitors to your site.

Choosing the Right Directories

There are hundreds, if not thousands of business directories out there in the marketplace and the choice can be bewildering. If you’re not sure where to start, look for the names you’re familiar with as a consumer, such as Google, Facebook or Yell, which used to be Yellow Pages. If you’re familiar with those brands, then your potential customers will be too. These sites have a big reach, and should help bring more visitors to your website. However, the downside to the bigger sites is that they might not provide the personal service and additional functions which you can get from other business directories.

UK-Specific Directories

Many of the bigger sites, and especially Google or Facebook, cover the globe with business listings. We’ve all had the experience of typing “pizza in Lincoln” for example and getting results in Lincoln, Nebraska rather than Lincoln in the UK. Customers often prefer to use a UK-specific directory such as in order to get right to the sites which are relevant to them. Choose the most-used business directories for your initial listings, which are usually free of charge. Many business directories based in the UK are better placed to offer additional services such as SEO, content writing or pay per click adverts. is UK based and understands the local market and condition far better than any multinational ever could.

Industry-Specific Directories

The other area to look at would be directories for specific areas of business. This could be a register of qualified professionals in a certain area, such as gas heating engineers or chartered accountants, or a more general list of retailers of fabric, or car parts suppliers. Being listed in these directories will perhaps bring a better quality of visitor to your website, as they are already in the market for your product as they have been browsing those directories.

Local Directories

The other set of specific directories are those covering a geographic area, usually a city or county. Usually listings are split by category, so that users can browse through all the music teachers in their city, or agricultural wholesalers in the county. Listing in these directories is essential for companies or sole traders who operate locally only, and whose business can’t be carried out online or anywhere in the country. Customers search locally for mechanics, cleaners or takeaway restaurants, so having a high profile on these directories is essential.